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Welcome to Every-Bodies Dietetics!

At Every-Bodies Dietetics we cater for everybody, no matter your background, goals, or health concerns.

Ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics, and every age and life stage in between, we can help you achieve your health outcomes and ensure you reach your goals using evidenced based research and individually tailored education and interventions.

Our multidisciplinary and holistic team-based approach means you get the most out of your services and can support all your needs at once.

With referrals and funding available via NDIS, Medicare, DVA and Private Health, we make sure our services are available to all. We can assist and support you with health concerns including but certainly not limited to; weight loss, general healthy eating, diabetes, cholesterol and heart health, gastrointestinal concerns, osteoporosis, arthritis, reflux, allergies and intolerances, pregnancy, fussy eating, failure to thrive, enteral feeding, malnutrition, and oral nutrition supplementation.

We find ways to support your needs

We have programs for your condition

Weight loss / gain

Bariatric Surgery (pre + post support)


General healthy eating

Diabetes (Type 1 + Type 2)

Cholesterol and Heart Health

Gastrointestinal concerns / Reflux

Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis

Allergies and Intolerances

Pregnancy (antenatal + postnatal support)

Paediatric fussy eating / food aversion

Failure to Thrive / Developmental delays

Holistic approach to nutrition

How our program works

Eat Well

Choose foods suited to your body and your needs

Keep It Balanced

Learn how to balance discipline with enjoyment

Be Active

Move your body everyday

Enjoy a Healthy Life

Experience the benefit of knowledge and consistency

Frequently Ask Questions

More information to help you decide...

  • Core Supports
  • Capacity Building – Improved Health and Wellbeing
  • Capacity Building – Improved Daily Living
  • We will complete an assessment and provide recommendations based on your needs, medical history and current eating habits
  • We will then provide you with the tools and support to put this in place

Dietitians treat a range of chronic and temporary health conditions. They understand how nutrition affects the body and will give you expert nutrition and dietary advice. Dietitians provide personal support and give practical, easy-to-follow advice to help you improve and understand your health and wellbeing.

Dietitians understand how nutrition affects the body and use this knowledge when treating you. Using the latest scientific information, Dietitians’ partner with you to develop a personal plan to meet your needs.

Dietitians don’t apply a one-size-fits-all approach. They understand what works for one person may be different to what works for you. They consider the whole person – each person’s medical history, as well as their needs, goals, and lifestyle. Being able to tailor nutrition advice and find the best approach for each person is what Dietitians are qualified to do.

  • Our dietitians understand how to use food and drink to support good health, wellbeing, reduce chronic disease risk and manage special dietary needs
  • A balanced, healthy diet has many benefits including;
    • Reduced risk of diseases like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some cancers
  • Providing essential nutrients needed by the body
  • Supple adequate levels of nutrients for healthy growth and development
  • Prevention of nutrient deficiency diseases
  • Helping maintain a healthy body weight
  • Improved energy and mood levels
  • Creating a dietary plan to assist with weight gain or loss
  • Advice and support pertaining to fussy eating
  • Implementing a texture-modified diet to reduce choking risk & training supports to manage it
  • Advice on grocery shopping
  • Training in food label reading
  • Advice on swapping to lower sodium foods
  • Managing food allergies and intolerances
  • Help minimise cravings
  • Eating for healthy blood sugar levels
  • Eating for better mood

For your first appointment with us, please ensure you have filled out the initial paperwork emailed to you. If you prefer to fill in a paper copy, please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment.

Private – Your initial session will be 1 hour. This will be followed by a subsequent appointment/s and plan determined by you and your Dietitian.

DVA – 45-minute consults for initial and 30-minute consults for subsequent appointments. Your physiotherapist will determine your treatment plan with you in session.

Medicare – 30-minute consults

NDIS – typically 1-hour appointments, depending on the condition/s or location (clinic or home)

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Every-Bodies Dietetics is for everybody, and we take great pride in getting to know our clients, supporting them in every way we can, and giving them the tools they need to live their best and healthiest life.